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Astonishing Moments & Turning Points

A Collection of Mira(cle)Doodles – Volume 2
Signed by the author/illustrator



In the second collection of Mira(cle)doodles, Mira continues to uncover the ego’s clever deceptions doodle by doodle. She shows how these astonishing moments are turning points that invite you to return to Love and into living joyfully in the present.

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Spending time with Mira and her friends helps you uncover the ways that the ego disrupts your peace of mind in a delightful way, adding more joy, compassion, courage and hope into your everyday life.

Watching Mira gain confidence to keep following her heart will inspire you to do the same—leading with Love is contagious!

Ready to meet Mira and her heart?

  • MIRA is an ever-curious, joyful inner child who loves to follow her heart, and why not because...
  • MIRA'S HEART represents inner guidance, intuition, inner wisdom, soul or true self. She symbolizes the Love that we are.

Other characters in the book include the lizard as the ego, Mira’s friend Sandy, stars as miracles and many more. All of them drawn to help you move forward, towards more light & Love.



The doodles in this whimsical collection were drawn daily in October 2020, 2021 and 2022, inspired by the one-word prompts of Jake Parker’s Inktober challenge. They are presented in the same order as the original prompts and include five short stories in between.

Five Short Stories Included:

Mira(cle) Doodles short stories are 2-4 pages long

A story on how differently the ego and Love view our body

The treasure on the other side of fear

Another solution for getting unstuck

Mira doesn't notice a thing, but we do!

The one decision that helps us live happily ever after

Signed by elinap

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"MIRA is a beautiful and inspiring collection of illustrations that explore the themes of ego and love through a spiritual lens. The doodles have helped me to connect with my own inner wisdom. The messages in each doodle are clear and concise, making it easy to understand and apply in our daily lives."
Munmun Rubayet

I'd love to hear what YOU think of the book, and how Mira inspires you - Please leave us a review here on this page or send it via email.

Product Details

6.7″ x 6.7″ (17 cm x 17 cm)
Hardcover, glued to spine
Printed on FSC certified 120 gsm paper
120 pages
Signed by the author/illustrator elinap
ISBN 978-952-67473-8-5

1.6” x 5,1” (4 cm x 13 cm)
300g glossy paper
Printed in EU

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