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The Four Phases of Creativity – 2nd Edition

A Path to Unleashing the Natural Flow of Your Creativity

Signed by the author/illustrator elinap



Join Mira in the happy doodle insights where she shows you how simple it is to incorporate cyclical living in your own life and learn to make your creativity flow freely and naturally.

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Say goodbye to creator’s blocks, procrastination, frustration, and anxiety…
Start dreaming!
Imagine a life where your creativity flows freely and naturally.
One joyful project after another comes to fruition, and you feel accomplished and nourished by your life!

The Four Phases of Creativity shows you what steps to take and when — to make THE dream come true.

Join Mira in the happy doodle insights shared throughout the book and let her introduce you to the moon phases and seasons as your guides. Learn how simple it is to incorporate cyclical living in your own life.

In this book you also find loving solutions for getting over some of the bumps you may encounter in each phase of the creative process. To fully embrace the journey, use the journaling prompts offered for each of the four phases and learn how to stay connected with your heart, and your dream.

You can return to this book whenever you feel stuck with your creativity or are starting a new project. Let it inspire your creativity to flow freely and naturally!


Signed by elinap

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"Mira’s journey is simple yet so inspiring. It makes the practice of cyclical living something that can be enjoyed and understood in a heart level with all the doodles. It makes listening to our inner wisdom doable in a very easy way, as it should be. It’s a recommended reading (and practice) for any girl or women that wants to connect with her own creative flow."
Hilda Lorena Tunon – Integrative Health Coach

The Four Phases of Creativity

“This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read! It made me feel very relaxed and feel that the process of connecting to our creativity is really simple if we let it be. It’s so beautifully done and illustrated. I absolutely love it.”
Lisbeth Savard - Women’s Circle Facilitator, Women’s Wisdom Moon circles

The Four Phases of Creativity

“I loved this book so much! Having the natural flow of creativity explained in this way, gave me a lot of hope for my future projects. The drawings really give me so much joy every time I look at them. It has become my go-to for every new project or when I feel stuck and need a reminder that it is ok to rest. Thank you Elina for creating such an incredible gem.”
Sonja Nannan - Artist/Coach

The Four Phases of Creativity

“You have created a fantastic book. Mira’s simplicity & innocence is truly captivating. It’s an easy-to-read & captivating guide to aligning with Nature’s rhythms & cycles to tune into our creative process!”
Nina Khoo - Highly Sensitive Coach

The Four Phases of Creativity

“The best book on creativity to come out since The Artist Way or Natalie Goldberg’s books. Deeply original and a pathway to joy.”
Jedda Bradley - Creator of The Egbert, Margaret & Stephen Show

The Four Phases of Creativity

“The Four Phases of Creativity” is a guide that helps you attune to, attend to, and achieve your core dreams.  Elina leads you with Moon-aligned journaling prompts that help you identify and interact with the dream destinations you desire to create.  As you align with the four Moon phases, you are empowered to focus on what you truly desire and release what isn’t supporting your dream.  If you’ve been holding out, held up, or held back, don’t waste another minute waiting on taking the next best step in pursuing your dreams. Pick up your copy of “The Four Phases of Creativity” today and plant your feet on the road to realizing your dreams!”
Lisa Blake - Certified ESL Teacher, Life Coach

The Four Phases of Creativity

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6.7″ x 6.7″ (17 cm x 17 cm)
Hardcover, glued to spine
Printed on FSC certified 120 gsm paper
82 pages
Signed by the author/illustrator elinap
ISBN 978-952-67473-3-0

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